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Need Clogged Toilet Repair in Miami? Invest in a Plunger First

clogged toilet repair Miami | Miami PlumbersPlumbing repairs are expensive in Miami, Florida, so you don’t want  to call one out on a service call unless you are absolutely sure you need their services. Does a clog warrant such a call? Well, it really depends. You see there are steps you can take to repair the problem yourself, but when that doesn’t work, or when the plumbing problem is a little too far beyond your knowledge, then that’s then you should call in a qualified Miami plumbing expert.

Where Do You Start First?

Your first step is to try to fix it yourself, and I don’t mean go get the wrench and start banging away. No. You need to go get your handy- dandy plunger. The following is a guide on how to use that thing – just in case you aren’t too familiar on the way this nifty tool works.

Are You Correctly Using Your Plunger?

Although a plunger is not the most charming item in your bathroom, it may turn out to be the most useful. If you happen to get a clogged toilet in Miami, there is no better tool for the job than a plunger. These tools save many homeowners the cost of calling a plumber to fix a simple problem. However, some people give up to quickly when using a plunger. This may be due to a  tlack of plunger use knowledge. Here are some tips to help you correctly and effectively use a plunger.

So you got the clog fixed, now what? Well, it’s important you perform weekly and monthly maintenance on your drains, just lik e you clean your home. There are certain cleaning tips that can keep your  drains clean and performing well. Of course, if these don’t work, then you should call in your certified Miami Beach plumber to have him use more intense cleaning methods.

These tips include running hot water down the drains periodically, using strainers and even vinegar. Whatever you do, don’t flush a chemical clog remover down the drain, this just serves to corrode your pipes and add harsh chemicals to an already strained water supply.

The Natural Way to Clean Kitchen Sinks and Drains

Many common household cleaning products contain potent chemicals that present a number of dangers. Some cause damage to wildlife, wetlands and water quality when they’re rinsed down the drain. Others are caustic and can cause skin, eye or lung damage (see References 2). To minimize these potential risks to family members and the environment, many consumers are now using “greener” natural cleansers for tasks such as scrubbing sinks and clearing drains.

 Bottom Line

Cleaning out a clog is a fairly simple process, and 90% of the time, you don’t have to call in a certified Miami plumbing expert. But when you are getting frequent clogs, or your drains are moving water too slowly this could be a different problem. The clog may be further up the line; it could be a corroded pipe or tree roots may have entered into your sewer pipes. In this case, the only way to fix it permanently is to call in a Miami plumber.


Tips On Burst Pipes Repair In Washington DC

burst pipes repair in Washington DCNoticed a burst pipe in your home? You need to act fast before it could cause more damage. Read on and I’ll teach you some tips on how to repair and prevent a burst pipe.

A burst pipe is a common plumbing issue almost all homeowners face at some point. Burst pipes are commonly caused by water pressure as a result of clogs.  Another common cause of burst pipe is freezing pipes. When water inside a pipe freezes, it expands, causing the pipe to burst. Burst pipe can lead to flooding and should be fixed as soon as possible. Burst pipes can easily be avoided by doing regular maintenance and repairs.

You don’t have to be an expert in order to repair a burst pipe. All you need are the right equipment and the right information. Read this article with easy to follow instructions on how to repair a burst pipe in your property.

How to Repair a Burst Pipe

You don’t need advanced plumbing skills to fix a burst pipe — just some soldering equipment. And by adding a stop and waste valve, you’ll be going a long way toward  ensuring that the pipe doesn’t freeze again. Here’s what to do:

Materials and Tools:

  • mini copper-pipe cutter
  • steel wool
  • lead-free solder
  • soldering paste
  • torch kit (torch and striker)
  • good ½-inch copper pipe
  • stop and waste valve
  • ½-inch copper fittings

As I have mentioned above, one of the main causes of burst pipe is when water inside the pipe freezes. The pressure from the ice and flowing water causes the pipe to burst and water to leak everywhere.

If you are worried about having a burst pipe in the winter, here is good news. I found a simple hack that will save your pipes from freezing and bursting during the winter. This tip comes from, and it is super easy and effective. All you have to do is to let water run through the pipes at a trickle. This may not be a long term solution to prevent bursting pipes but it can be a good way to keep pipes from freezing and bursting, while you are still unable to get professional help.

Here is the article from Lifehacker teaching you how to prevent burst pipes in freezing weather.

Prevent Burst Pipes

Below freezing weather means you should take steps to winterize your home. This Old House recommends you keep pipes that run through an exterior walls from bursting by letting water run through them at a trickle.

When you do this, use a string to keep the sound of a dripping faucet from annoying you. This probably isn’t an ideal long-term solution—in the future, you can take preventative steps like adding more insulation to attics, crawl spaces, and basements—but it will keep those pipes from freezing when things get dicey. With professional help, you can also relocate the pipes within your home.

Hopefully, these tips on burst pipes repair in Washington DC will help you fix any burst pipe in your property. Should you need professional help, call Plumbers 911 Washington DC at 1-877-7-4LEAKS to schedule a service! Don’t forget to read this article that will teach you how to repair a leaking copper pipe.

Also, you may want to check out this video with tips on how to avoid frozen and burst pipes.

How To Clear Grease From Pipes In Frederick MD

Busted Rusty PipesA clogged drain is a common problem with numerous solutions available to the daily homemaker. You might think you’re taking good care of your drains by not flushing down solids but have you ever considered the damage grease and fat can do to your pipes? If you’re fond of preparing oily and greasy meals, a grease clog might be inevitable especially if you don’t dispose of the residue properly.

A drain clogged by grease is unlike one clogged by solid debris. Normal drain cleaners used for say, hair, won’t work on grease. We believe prevention is better than the cure so it’s important that you avoid flushing down oils when you do the dishes. Observe proper disposal and set aside the oils in one jar so it solidifies then dispose with solid waste. It would also help to maintain your pipes properly. Here are some tips to help you out:

What Happens If I Pour Grease down the Kitchen Sink?

Instead of pouring grease down the drain, wipe it off the pot or pan with a paper towel and throw it away. Or pour cooled oil and fats into non-recyclable containers and then dispose with the trash.

You might also try these tips from top-rated plumbers for helping ensure clear-running kitchen drains:

  • Pour bleach down the drain once a week.
  • Periodically fill the sink with hot water before allowing it to drain. Or, run hot water down the drain after each use.

If you’re already dealing with a grease-clogged sink, don’t fret. Remember not to be too quick to flush the strongest drain cleaner you can find down your sink. You will end up doing more harm than good and spending so much more if you cause permanent damage to your pipes! Remember that not all drain cleaners are built the same so always check with your local handyman for the cleaners that will best suit your drain pipe and the kind of clog you’re dealing with.

There are also a lot of natural options available online for you to try out on your drains. Some of these can easily be found in your kitchen cabinets! Vinegar and hot water are things easily available around the house. Armed with these two, you’re on your way to saving your pipes from the messy, greasy clog. Here’s how to do it, plus how to deal with the smell:

Ways to Deal with Grease in Your Drain

As grease accumulates inside your drain, the water passage can constrict causing liquid to overflow from your sink. Once this happen, things can get very messy and smelly inside your kitchen. To remove grease from your drain and save your home from water damage, here are some tips for you.

We hope these tips help you how to clear grease from pipes in Frederick MD. For more information, check out what not to put down your drain. You can always reach out to for more plumbing help and recommendations. Call them at 1-877-7-4LEAKS.

Check out this video on plumbing maintenance tips to help you keep your plumbing in shape!

Helpful Tips When Choosing Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms In Miami FL

bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms in Miami FLIt’s not really hard to choose the right tiles for a small bathroom. Just considering the effects of colors, patterns and tile sizes will help you pick the right one for your room. If you are planning for an upcoming remodeling, read on and get these helpful tips.

1. Just like the effects of your clothes’ colors on your body, bright colors make small rooms bigger while dark colors make them looker smaller. If you already have a small bathroom, I suggest choosing light shades to make it look bigger.

2. When considering patterns, make sure that it’s not overwhelming. Choose a pattern that will blend well with the theme of the room — or your house for that matter. Instead of applying the pattern all over the walls, why not do half of your walls only? Leave the other half for a simple paint to again, add height to the room.

3. Use bigger tiles for the floor. Small tiles will only make the bathroom appear smaller. They are also even harder to clean as compared to bigger tiles. However, know that small tiles will be easier to install around curves and corners.

4. Choose a grout color that will compliment or blend well with the tiles. You don’t want to make their combination look awkward.

5. There are several types of tiles available in the market: travertine, ceramic, stone, marble, slate, etc. Choose one that will be easy for you to install and maintain.

6. As always, high cost doesn’t necessarily mean quality and low cost doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best deal. Only buy from a reputed supply shop and get their opinion on what’s the best brand and type of tiles to buy.

7. There are instances when tiles get cold if they’re installed directly on concrete. If you don’t have a radiator in the room and want to keep the flooring warm, consider installing undertile heating. It’s more efficient and cost-effective than having a radiator.

8. When still in doubt, consult an expert.

I hope that my tips on how to choose the best bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms in Miami FL are helpful enough for you. To ensure that your bathroom tiles will remain beautiful over the years, also read about how to maintain your ceramic bathroom tiles. Should you need help with bathroom remodeling, visit to schedule a service call now.

Learn 11 easy style tricks that will make your bathroom look prettier! Watch this video now from Nest TV.

Easy Clogged Drainage Solutions In Medley FL

drainage solutions in Medley FLDrainage clogs are not unusual plumbing emergencies at home. You wouldn’t only find your kitchen sink blocked or your toilet clogged. Sometimes, you’ll notice that even drains just outside your home won’t get rid of sewage properly. So just to prepare you in case such situations arise in the future, read this article and learn what causes clogs in the first place.

What Are the Causes of Clogged Drains?

Clogged drains render your sinks and bathtubs useless. When your drains clog, you need to remove the clog as soon as possible to prevent it from building up to the point that not even a small amount of water will pass through the drain. There are several ways to remove clogs from drains that you can use depending on what the clog is in your drain.

So according to the article, there are a number of things that result to blocked drainages. For instance, hair that gets into the system from your shower or tub drains can eventually build up and interrupt with the smooth flow of liquid inside the pipes. Aside from hair, even food waste, soap, sediments from hard water and foreign objects are common culprits of such plumbing issues. So since you’re now aware of the causes, let me help you learn about remedies. Read this informative article from a popular DIY website!

Home Remedies for Clogged Drains: DIY Clog Removal

So you’ve got a clog? Don’t worry, it happens! Sinks can get clogged for a number of reasons from rinsing food off of plates, drained grease hardening, lodged foreign objects, hair, and even soap residue. There are several techniques you can try in order to dislodge the clog before resorting to a plumber. Lucky you! You probably have everything you need for do-it-yourself clog removal. 

Before you get started, assess the situation: Is is a partial blockage or are you full-on clogged? If you’ve got a partial clog, you can at least get a little water down your drain (even if it’s slow as molasses.) If you’re fully clogged, no water will go down at all.

Follow these easy clogged drainage solutions in Medley FL and you’ll surely eradicate the problem in no time. Also learn how to prevent drain clogs to make sure that blockages won’t happen again. And for professional plumbing help, don’t hesitate to visit or call them at 305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282!

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Your Reliable Palm Beach County Plumber’s Guide On Repairing Outdoor Faucet Parts

outdoor faucetOutdoor faucets work just like those that you have installed inside your homes. They may have other features but the bottom line is, they serve the same purpose: to supply water. However, outdoor taps are more prone to freezing and rusting. Why? Because they are exposed to weather and other elements that cause chemical deterioration. With that in mind, it is normal for your outdoor faucet to stop working over years of use. Fortunately, there are some problems that can be fixed just by replacing parts and that’s what I want to share with you today. I’ll be giving you two resources that will help you change or repair your outdoor faucet’s handle and valve stem. For starters, here’s the first article:

How to Replace an Outdoor Faucet Handle

It is easy to replace an outdoor faucet handle, in case there is leak or it is worn out. A faucet that is in good condition is easy to use and prevents the wasting of water. When replacing damaged devices, make sure to use quality faucets and always check that they are fastened in place to avoid water leakage. Turn off water supply to the faucet and use a wrench to remove the handle used to shut and open the faucet. Loosen the screw that holds it in position. Remove the handle and use pliers or wrenches to remove the nut.

If you read the guide above, you should have learned that common causes of faucet breakage include but are not limited to blockage, corrosion and sediment accumulation. So it will be wise to act immediately in case these problems occur. Anyway, your outdoor faucet’s valve stem may also be replaced. Here’s the manual:

How to Replace a Valve Stem on an Outside Faucet

Most modern indoor faucets employ quick-change cartridges to control the flow of water, so you might find yourself in unfamiliar territory when dealing with an outdoor faucet that uses a valve stem, washer and seat. The advantage of this older technology is that almost all of the parts can be replaced individually, making repairs less expensive. Replacing the valve stem on an outside faucet might not be quite as quick and easy as replacing a cartridge, but it isn’t difficult as long as you gather the necessary parts and install them in the correct manner.

I hope that this Palm Beach County plumber’s guide on repairing outdoor faucet parts is valuable enough to help you get through such emergencies. And in case you need assistance, simply look for the most reliable Palm Beach County plumbing company! Douglas Orr Plumbing delivers exceptional Palm Beach County plumbing services including fixture repair and installation! Call them at 305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282!

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The Tuolumne County Plumber’s Guide On How To Fix A Leaking Toilet

leaking toiletA simple toilet leak may not be your worst enemy at the moment but sooner or later you’ll find it really annoying to constantly have a wet bathroom floor. Aside from that irritating situation, you’ll also get tired of paying high utility bills. I know you will. Who would ever want to pay more than what’s necessary? With that said, it is important for you to understand the usual causes of toilet leaks. I was reading some articles online when I found this valuable resource. And I quote:

“Do you notice a small pool of water where your toilet meets the floor? Does the floor around the toilet feel spongy? Is the finished flooring coming up? If so, you probably have a bad seal between the toilet horn (where the waste exits) and the drain line. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Small leaks trapped beneath the toilet will eventually rot floor surfaces, and even the underlying framing. Wait too long and repair costs rise, especially when you figure in replacing finished flooring and sometimes underlayments, subfloors or even the framing.

In this article, we’ll show you some tips for pulling the toilet (Photos 1 – 3) and then how to diagnose and fix the common causes of leaks. Finally, we’ll show you how to reset the toilet. After pulling the toilet and examining the evidence, you may get lucky and just have to replace the wax ring and remount the toilet. If that’s the case, you’ll have the stool back on-line in under an hour. You’ll find the products we suggest for making repairs at any home center or well-stocked hardware store.” (See full article here.)

Having read the article above, you have learned that the common causes of toilet leaking include but are not limited to bad seal, a broken toilet flange and even improper mounting. And these are actually problems that are easy to fix — with the right tools and plumbing skills. So if you’re ready and want to learn how to get rid of that leak now, read on and enjoy this step-by-step guide:

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Your toilet flushes just fine, but it doesn’t know when to quit. Perhaps it stops running and then starts up again suddenly or constantly leaks into the bowl. Either way, it’s wasting a lot of water and making that noise that keeps you up at night. Fortunately, it’s usually not difficult or expensive to repair a toilet if you know a bit about how they work. Be systematic about tracking down the problem. There are only so many things that can go wrong inside a toilet tank.

I hope that you have learned a lot from the Tuolumne County plumber’s guide on how to fix a leaking toilet! And should you need excellent plumbing assistance at home, just hire the best Tuolumne County plumbing experts in CA! Plumbers 911 California delivers first-rate Tuolumne County plumbing services including toilet repair and many more! Call them at 800-731-1139!

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Qualities Of A Great Bathroom Contractor

Bathroom contractorWhether you need help on plumbing repairs or plan on giving your bathroom a makeover, you’ll have to seek the best bathroom contractor. You’ve already asked referrals from friends. You have searched the World Wide Web for customer feedback and reviews. You also went straight to Angie’s List to check out reliable and accurate accounts of customer experiences from the worst to the best. You have sorted out companies that offer warranties and work within the guidelines of insurance policies. And still, you’re left with a long list of potential candidates. So now the question is, “How will you know which among these contractors is the best to transact with?” Well, let us share with you some qualities of a great bathroom contractor and maybe this will help you come up with a decision.

1. Getting a quotation is easy. However, remember that it’s best for contractors to have a look at your bathroom before sending a quotation out. It’s a breeze to talk over the phone and relay what you want to have done but how they can tell the actual cost if they don’t even know how big or how small your bathroom is or what your plumbing system looks like?

2. Insurance is a must. You have to not only protect your property but also your neighbor’s. You just won’t be able to tell if something will go terribly wrong. Why risk your home or your neighbor’s property? Surely you do not want to spend more money than what you should.

3. Financial options are really helpful. What if you suddenly run out of budget while in the middle of an improvement project? There are a lot of bathroom contractors out there that accept payments through credit cards or financing.

4. A great contractor is honest. It is important that they are vocal on what they can or cannot do. While it is not that easy to verify expertise, you’ll know that they are good at a specific task through previous customer feedback.

5. Quality over money. We know you want to save as much money as you can. But note that cheap services are often poor services. Providing plumbing service on a bargain more often than not entails flawed work and you may just end up paying more in the end because of recurring call-outs.

6. The contract and quotation should be clear on what will be done, how much will be charged and how long will the project last. More importantly, it will be wise to choose a contractor who will explain all the details to you for clarity. Always keep in mind that a good client-customer relationship starts with communication.

We hope that you found these tips valuable. And should you need the help of the best US local bathroom contractor, don’t hesitate to call us at Plumbers 911! We deliver excellent, flawless plumbing services including home remodeling, plumbing appliances repair and installation, backflow prevention, sub-metering, gas system installation and many more! Call us today at 305-662-0668 (Miami Dade), 954-468-0512 (Broward), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach), 800-731-1139 (Central Valley) or 877-745-3257 (Washington DC)!

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Plumber Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without

Plumber toolsRegardless if you’re getting rid of a clog in your kitchen sink; repairing a bathroom faucet or replacing a shower head, you’ll need essential plumber tools that will make the job easier for you! Doing DIY plumbing requires not only the proper skills but also the right equipment to ensure that the project is successfully done. Otherwise, you’ll be causing more damages than repair to your property. So to help you complete your plumber’s kit, let us give you a list of the tools that you should have.

1. Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench obviously symbolizes all of plumbing. Why so? Well, whenever you encounter the word plumbing, does a picture of a pipe wrench pop into your mind? We thought so! Indeed, this tool is the most used during plumbing installations and repairs. It delivers strong grip and leverage which allows plumbers to loosen or tighten fixtures, pipes, joints and plumbing parts. Only be mindful of its sharp teeth because they can leave marks.

2.  Sink Snake or Sink Auger

This tool is a must-have when getting rid of clogs in your sink drain. It breaks down solid materials into smaller pieces thereby allowing you to snatch them out of the pipes. You can also use this in your tub drains.

3.  Plunger

A plunger is also great for clogs. However, you should take note that there are several types of plunger and each of them is used for specific types of fixtures. First of all, we have the cup plunger which is used to clear clogs in tubs, showers and sinks. The flange plunger, on the other hand, features a specially designed hole that makes it a perfect tool for clearing toilet clogs.

4.  Toilet Auger

This tool is also known to many as the water closet auger or closet auger. It also works like a sink auger only that it’s specifically designed for toilets.

5. Teflon Tape

The Teflon tape is a flexible thin white tape that’s used to securely seal pipe threads when making joint connections. It seals the air and gas from seeping out of the pipes thus preventing leaks. Sold in small rolls, the Teflon tape is inexpensive and easy to procure.

6. Tubing Cutter

A tubing cutter is very important when fixing, repairing or installing copper pipes. This tool is used to smoothly and squarely cut pipes so that they’ll fit joints perfectly. This will make the job easier and faster compared to using a hacksaw. And oh, they can also be used when cutting metal curtain rods, too.

7. Faucet Packing and Washers

Keeping faucet packing and washers handy will save you from a lot of inconveniences during plumbing emergencies that involve your faucets. Use them when your kitchen tap leaks or your tub faucet is loose. Keep these in your tool kit so that you won’t need to head out to the supply shop in the middle of the night – if there’s even one open.

8. Faucet Valve Seat Wrench

You’ll need the valve seat wrench when repairing, replacing or fixing faucets. It will allow you to loosen up the valve seat so that you can detach the faucet body and have it repaired or replaced.

 Keep all these plumber tools handy at home and you’ll get through plumbing emergencies! Should you need professional help, don’t forget to hire the most trustworthy local US plumbing experts! That’s us, Plumbers 911! We deliver only the best, the most affordable and the most immediate plumbing services in the US such as home remodeling, toilet repairs, gas system installation, water heater repairs and many more! Reach us by calling 305-662-0668 (Miami Dade), 954-468-0512 (Broward), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach), 800-731-1139(Central Valley) or 877-745-3257 (Washington DC)!

Learn more about the most common plumbing tools! Watch this video now!

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Plumbing Nightmares – Funny Stories You Want to Avoid

plumbing nightmaresSome people ignore any plumbing need until a problem arises. In fact, you could say most of like to imagine that flowing water appears in  our homes as if by magic. No one likes to think of the mass of pipes, fittings and seals that make up an inexplicable and confusing grid underneath – not that is, unless you are a plumber. Yet, when water starts to flow all over the place, that’s when you start to realize you may have overlooked something that may have been important. The following is a funny little story about a guy that experiences the worst kind of plumbing problem – a real nightmare.

A Plumbing Nightmare

A few months back, I awoke one morning to the faint sound of running water somewhere in my house. I searched the kitchen and all the bathrooms but could find no sign of water running from any faucet or toilet. I went outside and checked the faucets in front of the house, but they too were all shut off and dry. I trotted back inside and decided to go into the garage to check on the hot water heater. I opened up the inside door to the garage and was immediately knocked off my feet by a tidal wave of scalding hot water. The water flooded into our hallway and soon the hall was filled with 2 feet of floating boxes, gardening tools, a few drowned mice, and all the contents of our secondary freezer, which had tipped over and released a months supply of frozen meat into the water.

Now that you’ve had a laugh at the way this poor man had to deal with his plumbing issues. Know that you don’t have to burn your house down. You can prevent real plumbing disasters by taking a few tips from a South Florida expert plumber.

10 Ways to Prevent a Home-Plumbing Nightmare

When homeowners hoist a wrench to install or repair sinks, tubs and toilets, they risk more than leaks. They risk their sanity, finances and general mechanical disaster. Here are 10 essential principles to avoid plumbing disaster.

Bottom Line

Being a homeowner is very rewarding, but you do need to take responsibility. There are parts to your home that are not visible; your plumbing pipes being one of them.  Routine maintenance is the way to go. You’ll want to call in expert plumbing consultants every year to make a full inspection. Yes, this may mean a service fee, but it’s much better to have this initial cost, rather than a more expensive plumbing repair cost.

Reducing The Cost For Small Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodelAre you planning on renovating your bathroom? You should know that regardless of its size, a bathroom remodel is a costly improvement project. The expense is dependent upon several factors including the extent of the room’s current damage; the cost of labor in your area; the type, brand and quality of materials you’ll use for the project and more. On the other hand, even if it’s costly, we cannot deny the fact that it is also a great investment. Not only will your bathroom look good but the improvement will also add value to your home. That said, it is important for every homeowner like you to be prepared financially months before the improvement starts. Now if you’re really concerned about what you’ll spend, we can actually help you reduce the cost.

1. Plan.

This stage is a vital part of any home improvement project. Evaluating your bathroom space and mulling over what you want to do with it will help you get an idea of how much you’ll spend. Should you change your countertops? Do you need to redo the tiles? Are there fixtures that need replacement? Do you need to replace your toilet? Do you need new cabinets? Planning will help you anticipate the materials you’ll need to buy, identify the tasks that should be done and thwart unexpected expenses. And remember, once you already have a plan, try to stick to it.

2. Consider the most important aspects of the remodel.

Surely you would like a total overhaul. But if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider choosing the most important aspects of the improvement first. If your toilet has cracks already, you might want to choose its replacement over a new countertop. If your showerhead is already corroded, you might want to prioritize it over a new cabinet. Do not forget that the essentials include proper ventilation, adequate lighting and functionality.

3. Canvass your materials.

You won’t lose anything by doing a little research. Create a list of the materials you’ll need for the bathroom remodeling. Go to different shops or check websites for prices. Weigh quality over quantity. Would you choose a toilet that’s functional and affordable or something more high-end?

4. Prepare your budget ahead.

Preparing the budget months before the construction starts will keep you relaxed. In case of unanticipated repairs, you’ll be prepared and capable of paying for it. It will also be more advantageous to save money from your income instead of loaning for the project.

5. Do some DIY.

Doing some of the tasks will reduce your remodeling costs. If you’re capable of doing the tiles, replacing the fixtures or setting up the cabinets, then do it. It will drastically lower down your labor costs especially if the workers you’ll hire will charge by the hour.

6. Try not to relocate the plumbing.

Unless there are damages that require a modification of your plumbing blueprint, try not to tamper with it. Changing the location of your toilet will add more to the cost than simply replacing it.

We hope that you learned a lot about reducing the cost for small bathroom remodel. And should you need professional assistance for your home remodeling, just hire the most reputed local US plumbers! That’s us, Plumbers 911! We provide local plumbing services in the US including plumbing appliance installation, water heater repair and many more! Call us now at 305-662-0669 (Miami Dade), 954-468-0512 (Broward), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach), 800-731-1139 (Central Valley) or 877-745-3257 (Washington DC)!

Need more tips for bathroom remodeling on a budget? Watch this video now!

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The Yucky Job of a Qualified Plumber – Why Would Anyone Want It?

Have you ever wondered what a qualified plumber in Dade County FL makes? Most people complain, stating plumbers make more than business executives. At about $50,000 a year for a plumber in training, yes, I guess you could say  a qualified Miami plumber makes a hefty salary.  Still where would we be without a qualified and certified plumber?  qualified plumber

Sweet Smell of Money for Plumbers

I know plumbers that make $80,000, $90,000 a year,” he said in a recent interview, after spending an afternoon clearing a clogged drain at a customer’s home.

But let’s look at things from another point of view. Would you be willing to trudge through sewer slime, sit in poop for hours on end or crawl through critter infested crawl spaces, even if you were paid $50,000 to $80,000 a year. Many of us just wouldn’t, not for any amount of money. This is the nature of the qualified plumber’s job. He goes where no one else would dare to go.


Dirty Jobs: Strong stomach, ambition are assets for job

This is one of the more unpleasant memories of working as a plumber for Phil Stinner. … He said most plumbers start in the business doing the “grunt work” and if … of the individual has a lot to do with being a successful plumber.

In The End

Plumber’s make good money. But they also have a specific set of skills that no one else has. They are skilled and a good plumber knows his stuff. However, this knowledge does come at a cost. There is something you can do though. You can budget for this type of expense, save for a rainy day, or keep all of your pipes and drains well maintained, so a needed repair doesn’t come as too unexpected.