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Qualities Of A Great Bathroom Contractor

Bathroom contractorWhether you need help on plumbing repairs or plan on giving your bathroom a makeover, you’ll have to seek the best bathroom contractor. You’ve already asked referrals from friends. You have searched the World Wide Web for customer feedback and reviews. You also went straight to Angie’s List to check out reliable and accurate accounts of customer experiences from the worst to the best. You have sorted out companies that offer warranties and work within the guidelines of insurance policies. And still, you’re left with a long list of potential candidates. So now the question is, “How will you know which among these contractors is the best to transact with?” Well, let us share with you some qualities of a great bathroom contractor and maybe this will help you come up with a decision.

1. Getting a quotation is easy. However, remember that it’s best for contractors to have a look at your bathroom before sending a quotation out. It’s a breeze to talk over the phone and relay what you want to have done but how they can tell the actual cost if they don’t even know how big or how small your bathroom is or what your plumbing system looks like?

2. Insurance is a must. You have to not only protect your property but also your neighbor’s. You just won’t be able to tell if something will go terribly wrong. Why risk your home or your neighbor’s property? Surely you do not want to spend more money than what you should.

3. Financial options are really helpful. What if you suddenly run out of budget while in the middle of an improvement project? There are a lot of bathroom contractors out there that accept payments through credit cards or financing.

4. A great contractor is honest. It is important that they are vocal on what they can or cannot do. While it is not that easy to verify expertise, you’ll know that they are good at a specific task through previous customer feedback.

5. Quality over money. We know you want to save as much money as you can. But note that cheap services are often poor services. Providing plumbing service on a bargain more often than not entails flawed work and you may just end up paying more in the end because of recurring call-outs.

6. The contract and quotation should be clear on what will be done, how much will be charged and how long will the project last. More importantly, it will be wise to choose a contractor who will explain all the details to you for clarity. Always keep in mind that a good client-customer relationship starts with communication.

We hope that you found these tips valuable. And should you need the help of the best US local bathroom contractor, don’t hesitate to call us at Plumbers 911! We deliver excellent, flawless plumbing services including home remodeling, plumbing appliances repair and installation, backflow prevention, sub-metering, gas system installation and many more! Call us today at 305-662-0668 (Miami Dade), 954-468-0512 (Broward), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach), 800-731-1139 (Central Valley) or 877-745-3257 (Washington DC)!

Are you on a tight budget and planning on remodeling a small bathroom? Watch this video and learn awesome tips!

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Plumbing Nightmares – Funny Stories You Want to Avoid

plumbing nightmaresSome people ignore any plumbing need until a problem arises. In fact, you could say most of like to imagine that flowing water appears in  our homes as if by magic. No one likes to think of the mass of pipes, fittings and seals that make up an inexplicable and confusing grid underneath – not that is, unless you are a plumber. Yet, when water starts to flow all over the place, that’s when you start to realize you may have overlooked something that may have been important. The following is a funny little story about a guy that experiences the worst kind of plumbing problem – a real nightmare.

A Plumbing Nightmare

A few months back, I awoke one morning to the faint sound of running water somewhere in my house. I searched the kitchen and all the bathrooms but could find no sign of water running from any faucet or toilet. I went outside and checked the faucets in front of the house, but they too were all shut off and dry. I trotted back inside and decided to go into the garage to check on the hot water heater. I opened up the inside door to the garage and was immediately knocked off my feet by a tidal wave of scalding hot water. The water flooded into our hallway and soon the hall was filled with 2 feet of floating boxes, gardening tools, a few drowned mice, and all the contents of our secondary freezer, which had tipped over and released a months supply of frozen meat into the water.

Now that you’ve had a laugh at the way this poor man had to deal with his plumbing issues. Know that you don’t have to burn your house down. You can prevent real plumbing disasters by taking a few tips from a South Florida expert plumber.

10 Ways to Prevent a Home-Plumbing Nightmare

When homeowners hoist a wrench to install or repair sinks, tubs and toilets, they risk more than leaks. They risk their sanity, finances and general mechanical disaster. Here are 10 essential principles to avoid plumbing disaster.

Bottom Line

Being a homeowner is very rewarding, but you do need to take responsibility. There are parts to your home that are not visible; your plumbing pipes being one of them.  Routine maintenance is the way to go. You’ll want to call in expert plumbing consultants every year to make a full inspection. Yes, this may mean a service fee, but it’s much better to have this initial cost, rather than a more expensive plumbing repair cost.

Reducing The Cost For Small Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodelAre you planning on renovating your bathroom? You should know that regardless of its size, a bathroom remodel is a costly improvement project. The expense is dependent upon several factors including the extent of the room’s current damage; the cost of labor in your area; the type, brand and quality of materials you’ll use for the project and more. On the other hand, even if it’s costly, we cannot deny the fact that it is also a great investment. Not only will your bathroom look good but the improvement will also add value to your home. That said, it is important for every homeowner like you to be prepared financially months before the improvement starts. Now if you’re really concerned about what you’ll spend, we can actually help you reduce the cost.

1. Plan.

This stage is a vital part of any home improvement project. Evaluating your bathroom space and mulling over what you want to do with it will help you get an idea of how much you’ll spend. Should you change your countertops? Do you need to redo the tiles? Are there fixtures that need replacement? Do you need to replace your toilet? Do you need new cabinets? Planning will help you anticipate the materials you’ll need to buy, identify the tasks that should be done and thwart unexpected expenses. And remember, once you already have a plan, try to stick to it.

2. Consider the most important aspects of the remodel.

Surely you would like a total overhaul. But if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider choosing the most important aspects of the improvement first. If your toilet has cracks already, you might want to choose its replacement over a new countertop. If your showerhead is already corroded, you might want to prioritize it over a new cabinet. Do not forget that the essentials include proper ventilation, adequate lighting and functionality.

3. Canvass your materials.

You won’t lose anything by doing a little research. Create a list of the materials you’ll need for the bathroom remodeling. Go to different shops or check websites for prices. Weigh quality over quantity. Would you choose a toilet that’s functional and affordable or something more high-end?

4. Prepare your budget ahead.

Preparing the budget months before the construction starts will keep you relaxed. In case of unanticipated repairs, you’ll be prepared and capable of paying for it. It will also be more advantageous to save money from your income instead of loaning for the project.

5. Do some DIY.

Doing some of the tasks will reduce your remodeling costs. If you’re capable of doing the tiles, replacing the fixtures or setting up the cabinets, then do it. It will drastically lower down your labor costs especially if the workers you’ll hire will charge by the hour.

6. Try not to relocate the plumbing.

Unless there are damages that require a modification of your plumbing blueprint, try not to tamper with it. Changing the location of your toilet will add more to the cost than simply replacing it.

We hope that you learned a lot about reducing the cost for small bathroom remodel. And should you need professional assistance for your home remodeling, just hire the most reputed local US plumbers! That’s us, Plumbers 911! We provide local plumbing services in the US including plumbing appliance installation, water heater repair and many more! Call us now at 305-662-0669 (Miami Dade), 954-468-0512 (Broward), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach), 800-731-1139 (Central Valley) or 877-745-3257 (Washington DC)!

Need more tips for bathroom remodeling on a budget? Watch this video now!

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